Top 5 Articles of 2011… and Big News for the Podcast

As one year closes and another year opens (full of opportunity!) we present our annual list of our most popular articles… these are the posts from 2011 that you, our readers, visited the most.

It’s been a great year for The Fundraising Authority, with the launch of our Podcast, the introduction of our Supercharge Your Fundraising master class, and 50 new articles and posts on our site. Thank you so much for your support this past year. We simply could not have done it without you. So… without further ado… our most popular posts from 2011:

1. Non-Profit Entrepreneurs Can Change the World

Don’t just be a fundraiser… be a a non-profit entrepreneur. Think big, take risks, shoulder responsibility. Your organization needs you. The world needs you.

2. Case Study: How to Double the Revenue from Your Next Fundraising Event

Based on a recent success we had with a major non-profit organization event, this article walks you through the steps we took to double the event revenue in just one year… and how you can do it, too.

3. How to Run a Successful Board Giving Campaign

Are you running an organized and successful board giving campaign? If not, check out this concise guide.

4. Three Lessons Non-Profit Fundraisers Can Learn from Political Fundraisers

Think political fundraisers have nothing to teach us in the non-profit world? Think again! Here are three things they are doing right that we should be implementing in our own development efforts.

5. Taking the Fear Out of Fundraising Asks – with Marc Pitman

The inaugural post in our “Learn from an Authority” series, this extensive interview with “The Fundraising Coach,” Marc Pitman, will help you take the fear out of making asks, and answer your top questions on getting those elusive five and six-figure gifts.

If you missed any of these great posts, be sure to check them out!

Big News for the Fundraising Authority Podcast

I’m happy to report that our new Fundraising Authority Podcast, which launched in November, has been approved for iTunes. If you use iTunes or an iPod or iPhone for music, you can now subscribe (for free!) to our podcast and get regular updates as soon as they are released. Our goal is to publish a new podcast (both on our site as well as on iTunes) once per month.

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