Do you wish your organization was raising far more money than it currently is?

Would you like to maximize your entire fundraising strategy and raise more through major donors, events, online fundraising and more?

Is your non-profit ready for a fundraising breakthrough… one that will let you do all of the great things you want to do to carry out your mission?

Now is the time: Stop guessing what works and what doesn’t, and supercharge your fundraising in a way you never thought possible.

Introducing Our Fundraising Master Class

Over the past ten years, The Fundraising Authority has helped hundreds of thousands of non-profits raise the money they need to thrive, through our articles, newsletters, classes and more. Now, we are proud to announce Supercharge Your Fundraising, our three-month fundraising master class.

This class was designed for everyone who is responsible for fundraising at a non-profit, school, social service agency, church, or other charity:

  • Non-Profit Founders
  • Executive Directors
  • Development Directors and Fundraising Staff
  • Board Members
  • Fundraising Volunteers

At the end of this class, you will have a clear path to fundraising success, and a brand new plan for raising the money your organization needs to thrive. Our goal is that after these three months, you’ll be able to stop wondering how to raise more money and be able to start doing it. You’ll know what works, what doesn’t, and be in a position to stop merely surviving, and start really thriving.

We offer a number of fundraising classes at The Fundraising Authority, but this is our only comprehensive master class… it contains 12 weeks of advanced tactics and strategies to help your non-profit succeed.

What’s Included In the Class?

The Supercharge Your Fundraising class is presented completely online, and you can read, review, and listen to the materials at your own pace.

Every week you will can access:

  • A comprehensive written guide to that week’s topic that you can read on your computer, smartphone, tablet or e-reader. These guides are 7-10 PDF pages of course material that contain everything you need to know about that week’s topic.
  • A podcast seminar that you can listen to on your computer, smartphone, iPod, or in your car. This MP3 will contain a 15-20 minute seminar presenting the best tips, tricks, and tactics on the topic for the week.

If you’re not technologically savvy, that’s ok… we’ll include a complete guide on how to download and read/listen to the course materials. And don’t worry, there aren’t any weekly tests or quizzes. If you have a busy week and aren’t able to review the course materials, you can catch up in the following weeks, at your own pace.

In addition to these materials, you’ll also have direct access to The Fundraising Authority’s expert team of fundraisers for the full length of the course. Each course participant will receive a special e-mail address where you can ask us any questions you have or advice for your specific non-profit.

The Class Modules: Everything You Need to Know to Supercharge Your Fundraising

Here are the weekly course modules you’ll be receiving:

Week #1: Getting Started Supersizing Your Fundraising

Guide: Casting Your Vision, Getting Results, and an Introduction to the Fundraising Funnel (Prospecting, Cultivating, Asking, Stewarding).

Podcast: Thinking Big, Raising More

Week #2: How to Find as Many Prospects as You Need

Guide: The Complete Guide to Finding Fundraising Prospects

Podcast: Great Ideas and Tips for Finding New Prospects for Your Non-Profit

Week #3: Turning Prospects into Raving Fans

Guide: The Complete Guide to Cultivating Prospects

Podcast: How to Turn New Leads into Key Supporters of Your Organization: 5 Great Tips

Week #4: How to Make a Fundraising Ask

Guide: Don’t Be Shy! How to Make Asks and Get Them to Say “Yes!”

Podcast: 3 Tips for Making Asks, and 3 Sample Ask Scripts

Week #5: How to Keep Your Donors Giving Year After Year

Guide: The Complete Guide to Stewarding Your Donors

Podcast: Turning One-Time Donors into Lifelong Benefactors

Week #6: Building Fundraising Networks

Guide: Why Coalitions, Affinity Groups, and Viral Fundraising Networks are Key to Your Growth

Podcast: Getting Other People to Fundraise for You!

Week #7: Getting Down to Business: Introduction to Fundraising Tactics

Guide: Fundraising Tactics Overview, and Developing a Tactical Fundraising Calendar

Podcast: 10 Great Fundraising Tactics You May Not Have Thought About

Week #8: How to Raise Money through Personal Asks

Guide: One on One Asks, Board Giving Campaigns, Network Asks, and raising Six Figure Gifts

Podcast: Supercharge Your Board Giving!

Week #9: Supercharge Your Fundraising Events

Guide: The Complete Guide to Running Amazing Fundraising Events of All Kinds

Podcast: How to Double Your Event Fundraising Revenue This Year

Week #10: Supercharge Your Fundraising Mail

Guide: How to Find Hundreds of New Prospects and Raise Tens of Thousands of Dollars (or more) Through the Mail

Podcast: Making Your Direct Mail Work: Strategies and Tactics

Week #11: Supercharge Your Online Fundraising

Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Raise More Money Online (Websites, Social Networks, E-Mail Fundraising)

Podcast: Creating Online Viral Fundraising Campaigns and Making Your Time Online Count

Week #12: Bringing it All Together: Writing Your New Supercharged Fundraising Plan

Guide: How to Write a Fundraising Plan that Works

Podcast: Supercharge Your Fundraising – You Can Do This!

Personalized Help, When You Need It

Remember, in addition to the course modules, guides, and podcasts, you’ll have direct e-mail access to Fundraising Authority’s expert team to ask questions, run through tactics, and bounce ideas around, personalized for your non-profit’s unique situation.

Learn From the Comfort of Your Own Home or Office

One of the best things about the Supercharge Your Fundraising class is that you get to read the guides and listen to the podcasts from the comfort of your own home, office, or car. Instead of taking a couple of days off to go to a week-long seminar, you can learn everything you need to know wherever you are, without the hassle of travel.

Learn from the Best in the Business

Supercharge Your Fundraising is being taught by Garrett Hall and The Fundraising Authority team including. Garrett is the founder of The Fundraising Authority and has spent the past 20 years helping organizations worldwide raise more money.

As a Development Director, Executive Director and fundraising consultant, he has helped hundreds of non-profits achieve breakout fundraising success. Now, he wants to help your organization achieve a breakthrough too!

Have Your Whole Team Participate!

If you have a team of people working with your non-profit and you would like them all to participate in the Supercharge Your Fundraising master class, there is no extra charge for additional team members. If you want your entire development team, or board of directors, to have access to the class, all you need is one class registration, and you will have permission to make enough copies to pass out to your entire team.


We found Supercharge Your Fundraising informative, beneficial and convenient – learning, affirming and planning new strategies all at our own fingertips in our own work spaces and in our own meeting room! Thank you!

Carol C. Staszkiewicz
Evergreen Foundation, Inc.

Your Investment in Raising More Than Ever Before for Your Non-Profit

A full-day fundraising. master class can cost anywhere from $400-$700 (not including travel expenses), and yet not offer anywhere near the amount or quality of materials that are included with this class…

When you register today, you can participate in the entire class, including all 12 weeks of class guides and podcasts, plus all of the bonus items, for an investment of just $97.

No Questions Asked 100% GuaranteeOur Guarantee to You

We know that you will not only be satisfied with Supercharge Your Fundraising, but will be raving about the course to your colleagues and friends at other organizations. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the course, you can stop taking the class at any time and receive a full, 100%, no questions asked refund. That’s our guarantee to you.

You will love this class, and it will make a huge difference for your non-profit organization. Have any questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Supercharge Your Fundraising is a bargain. It’s been a major source of help this year and [The Fundraising Authority] is always accessible to respond to specific questions.

Cathy Galbraith
Bosco-Milligan Foundation

Special Bonus #1 – Becoming a Supercharged Non-Profit Webinar

As a special bonus, everyone who registers for this class will receive a free copy of our new webinar Becoming a Supercharged Non-Profit. This 30-minute recorded webinar will get you fired up and ready to fundraise, and includes our strategy for casting a huge vision that gets donors excited and ready to give.

Special Bonus #2 – How to Keep Your Donors Webinar Presented by Mazarine Treyz

Everyone who registers will also receive a recorded copy of Mazarine Treyz’s supercharged webinar How to Keep Your Donors. During this 60 minute presentation, Mazarine will show you how to keep your current donors giving year after year, upgrading, and referring new donors. She also offers tons of tips and strategies for communicating with your donors and building stronger relationships. Don’t miss this master class on donor stewardship!

Sign-Up Today and Get Ready to Supercharge Your Fundraising!

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