We started the Fundraising Authority to help non-profits fund work that matters… to offer them the absolute best information and counsel on how to raise money for their organization, no matter how small or large.

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In looking for good fundraising information online, we noticed that the vast majority of fundraising sites were either hopelessly unprofessional or outdated, or were sales sites designed with very little information. That’s why The Fundraising Authority was started — to offer professional tools and information to charitable organizations of all sizes.

We know how hard it can be to raise money — We also know how important it is to have access to great information on fundraising techniques, ideas, and strategies. The Fundraising Authority is, hands down, the web’s best source of fundraising information for non-profit organizations.

Our goal is to provide you with the absolute best fundraising information available, so that your organization can continue to fund its mission. Be sure to check out our Fundraising Basics and Article Archives, as well as our free weekly newsletter.

About Chief Fundraiser Garrett HallGarrett Hall

Garrett Hall has been a professional fundraiser since 2004. He has experience advancing the missions of large and small organizations, including direct service organizations, political campaigns and higher education. Garrett has led overall fundraising efforts as a Director of Development and he has spent time focusing on five, six and seven-figure major gifts. Garrett’s broad knowledge of fundraising and experience working with donors make him an invaluable resource for The Fundraising Authority community.

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