Fundraising on the Internet (3)Fundraising on the Internet (3)
15 November

Fundraising on the Internet

Many organizations have the misguided notion that if they just make that “donate now!” button bigger, or if they just hit on the secret formula that no one will tell …

Demystifying Grants
11 November

Demystifying Grants

Next to making personal fundraising asks, grant-writing is probably the tactic that scares new fundraisers the most. Grants seem mysterious and technical, and it often seems as if it takes …

04 November

Effective Fundraising by Mail

To many organizations, fundraising through the mail seems like the end-all, be-all tactic. It’s a way to raise money without having to ask in person (or over the phone), it …

04 November

Building Fundraising Networks

While most non-profits, schools, and churches utilize some form a fundraising network, few know that they do, and even fewer know how to deliberately build a fundraising network from scratch. …

04 November

What is a Fundraising Ask?

O.k.… I know this is the scary part for many people. Making fundraising asks is like speaking on stage. It feels unnatural, awkward, and a little bit scary. But with …

04 November

Fundraising Isn’t Evil!

O.k. – let’s dispel these myths once and for all: Fundraising isn’t evil. Fundraising isn’t bad. People who fundraise aren’t slimy, smarmy, or shady. Organizations that fundraise aren’t only concerned …