Beginner’s Guide to Donor Cultivation

Building relationships with donors and prospects is one of the most important things that non-profits can do to ensure fundraising success.  Part art and part science, great donor cultivation relies on consistent activity, personalized communications, and an excellent strategy.

Today, I want to provide you with an organized list of some of the best articles we have offered here on The Fundraising Authority about how to cultivate donors.  The articles from our site linked below provide you with a good overview of the cultivation and relationship-building process:

Finding and Cultivating Prospects

How Many Prospects Do You Need? – Do you know how many prospects your organization needs to reach its fundraising goals?

The Best Place to Find New Prospects for Your Non-Profit – No matter your size or mission, this is the single best place for you to find new prospects.

The Top 8 Ways to Increase Your Prospect List – Here are the best strategies for finding new prospects to fill your donor pipeline.

Strengthening Donor Relationships

10 Ways to Supersize Your Donor Cultivation Efforts – Thinking big when it comes to donor cultivation.

4 Keys to Building Relationships with Major Donors – Like all donors, major donors want to get caught up in your organization’s story and help make an impact.

Communicating with Your Donors

8 Great Ways to Stay in Touch with Your Donors – Tried and true methods for staying in regular communication with your donors and prospects.

Don’t Let Your Donors Forget About You – Your organization needs to stay front of mind for donors, volunteers, and friends.

The Five Steps of Donor Engagement – If you want to build lifelong relationships with your donors, create a plan to lead them through all 5 steps of true donor engagement.

Creating Donor Networks

Building Fundraising Networks – Fundraising networks serve to keep donors in the loop, make them feel like part of your team, and encourage them to open their own Rolodexes to help you find new prospects.

How Building a Fundraising Network Changed One Non-Profit Organization Forever – Case study on the transformative effects of building strong fundraising networks.

Public Relations & PR

Fundraising and Public Relations: What’s the Connection? – Using PR can be an effective way to communicate with and cultivate supporters for your organization.

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