Finding new donors for your non-profit is an integral part of a well-rounded development plan. Every non-profit needs to find a steady stream of new prospects for its fundraising efforts.

Donor retention and stewardship is important… smart organizations know that they need to keep their current donors giving (and upgrading) if they want to maintain their programs and reach new milestones. But no non-profit can grow, expand, and truly thrive without successfully bringing new donors onto their team.

As the host of this month’s Non-Profit Blog Carnival, I asked fundraising authors, bloggers and experts to give us their best advice on how organizations can find and approach new donors. Here’s what they said:

Mazarine Treyz from Wild Woman Fundraising provides a case study on finding 90 Donors in 30 Days.

Answering a question that is always on the mind of non-profit fundraisers, Sandy Rees from Get Fully Funded asks, How Many New Donors Do You Need?

Jeremy Koch from Empower Non-Profits guides us How to Generate a Steady Stream of New Donors Online.

Speaking of online prospecting, John Haydon from teaches us How to Use Facebook to Get More Donors.

Claire Axelrad from Clairification shows us the power of crowdfunding for finding new donors in How to Use Peer-to-Peer Fundraising to Grow Year-End Giving.

Mark Titi from Multiplying Good reminds us that Simply Listening = New Funding Opportunities.

Approaching a new foundation for support can be just as challenging as approaching a new individual donor for a first gift. Jake Seliger from Seliger & Associates reminds us that They Only See the Final Proposal: Make Sure You Submit Something to Funders.

Once you find a new donor, Chad Barger, CFRE from Productive Fundraising tells us The Secret to Sending Prompt Thank You Notes.

And from yours truly – here is The Best Place to Find New Donor Prospects for Your Non-Profit.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this month’s Non-Profit Blog Carnival. Be sure to submit your entries for next month’s blog carnival, hosted by Claire Axelrad from Clairification. Claire is asking for your best posts on how to get and sustain major gifts. You can check out her call for submissions here.

Photo Credit: handjes