Non-Profit Blog Carnival: Donor Newsletters (Call for Submissions)

Most non-profits use some kind of newsletter to stay in touch with their donor universe. Some organizations send out regular e-mail newsletters, others print glossy, four-color newsletters to send through the mail. Many smaller non-profits use the office copier machine to turn out simple, black and white newsletters to keep their donors updated.

No matter what type of newsletter a non-profit sends, it is often the backbone of the organization’s cultivation and stewardship strategies. Because of this, it is important that charities use their newsletters to effectively tell the story of their non-profit, as well as provide a cost-efficient way to keep donors in the loop.

The Best Strategies and Tips for Amazing Non-Profit Newsletters

This month, I am honored to be hosting the December, 2015 Non-Profit Blog Carnival. We’re focusing this month’s carnival on how non-profits can effectively use newsletters (e-mail or paper newsletters) to communicate with their donors and support their fundraising efforts. And I need your help!

We need articles and blog posts highlighting your best strategies and tactics for amazing non-profit newsletters. Your article could be about any non-profit newsletter related topic, including:

  • Why non-profits should use e-mail newsletters, snail mail newsletters, or both
  • Tips for writing better non-profit newsletters
  • Strategies for designing newsletters that will get them read
  • How to raise money, find volunteers, or get attention for your non-profit through your newsletter
  • Case studies on successful (or unsuccessful!) donor newsletters
  • Or whatever else you can think of!

Here’s How to Submit Your Article or Blog Post:

  1. Write a new blog post or choose one that you have already posted that fits this month’s theme
  2. Submit your post via email to: – be sure to include your name, your blog/website’s name and the URL of the post (not your blog homepage)
  3. Get your post in by the end of day on Tuesday, December 29th. Then, check back on Tuesday, January 5th when we’ll post the round-up with the articles that were submitted

What Is a “Blog Carnival?”

A blog carnival is a monthly round-up of articles and blog posts on a specific topic. Each month, the host creates a theme and sends out the call (in a post like this) for articles on that topic. Then the host collects the submitted posts together and offers these up in a round-up post towards the end of that month.

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