Fundraising Authority Podcast #13: How Small Non-Profits Can Find and Cultivate Donors and Sponsors

Today on the podcast, we welcome Heather Stewart from Activate Fundraising.  Heather talked with me about small non-profits, and how they can leverage their limited time and resources to find and cultivate donors and sponsors.

Believe it or not, in some ways, smaller non-profits have an advantage over larger organizations, because they can easily fix what isn’t working for them, without having to deal with extra layers of bureaucracy.  Whether your non-profit is small, large, or in between, you’re sure to learn a lot about donor cultivation from Heather in this episode.

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The Top 8 Ways to Increase Your Prospect List(2)

The Top 8 Ways to Increase Your Prospect List

  • 4 min read
Like great sales organizations, great development operations need a constant stream of prospects… individuals, companies, and foundations that are, or are likely to be, interested...
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