Fundraising Authority Podcast #1: Thinking Big About Non-Profit Fundraising

I am proud to announce the all new Fundraising Authority Podcast. Our goal is to release new podcasts on a monthly basis, highlighting great tips and strategies for non-profit fundraising.

Today, we present the first episode. This short introductory episode talks about a very important topic: Thinking Big in Fundraising. This episode also serves as a prelude to the podcasts that will be offered through our Supercharge Your Fundraising course, which in addition to weekly course materials will also offer a weekly recorded seminar presentation of 15-20 minutes.

The link to this first episode of our podcast is below. This is a short, introductory episode, just 8 minutes long. You can click on the link to listen to it on your computer, or save the podcast to your computer and use these instructions to move it onto your iPhone / iPod.

Photo Credit: AV Hire London