03 December

Fundraising & the Power of Confidence

Preeminent 18th century British author Samuel Johnson once said, “Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.” This is true in politics… it’s true in sales… it’s true in military …

22 March

Thinking Big in Fundraising

If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s thinking small. Far too many people spend their time and energy thinking small. That’s true in the wider world, and it’s true …

10 March

Local Fundraising for Larger Non-Profits

Doing local fundraising for a large organization can sometimes seem complicated and unwieldy. Whether you are running a local affiliate of a large national organization, or are responsible for raising …

26 January

Best Fundraising Strategies for Small Non-Profits

Small non-profits, including many schools, churches, community organizations and social service agencies, face some unique development challenges. Without a large and influential board of directors, a substantial fundraising staff, or widespread …

18 January

How to Increase Your Board Fundraising

In most organizations, board fundraising refers to two related components. First, the board is asked (or required) to give a personal gift each year to the organization. Second, the board …

30 November

5 Best Quick Fundraising Methods

Quick fundraising usually isn’t good fundraising. Most of the time, non-profits are well advised to spend time getting to know their prospects and donors, cultivating them, and executing a well-written …

18 November

Fundraising for Small Non-Profits

The vast majority of charitable organizations in the world are relatively small. They fly under the radar screen, without the news stories and sizeable bequests generated by the flashier national …

17 November

Fundraising How To Questions Answered

I get lots of “fundraising how to” questions… many people, even those who are full time development professionals, find some fundraising strategies confusing and difficult to implement. Below are two …

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