In her comprehensive fundraising guide Get Fully Funded: How to Raise the Money of Your Dreams, consultant and author Sandy Rees, CFRE offers 330 pages of checklists, how-to guides, forms and examples to help non-profits raise the money they need to thrive.

I recently had the chance to read through Sandy’s guide, and it’s definitely one of the most comprehensive fundraising products available. It would be particularly helpful for small and mid-sized non-profits, including first-time Development Directors and managers, as well as Executive Directors and other development staff looking for a wide-ranging guide to fundraising excellence.

Hands-On, Actionable Advice

What I like most about this guidebook is the fact that Sandy includes tons of actionable advice and hands-on fundraising materials. Every chapter is full of worksheets, checklists and templates that non-profits can use to hone their strategies and raise more money. Some of the topics Sandy covers include:

  • Finding good donor prospects
  • How to communicate with donors through your website, your newsletters and your annual reports
  • Strategies for making better asks
  • How to raise more money through grants, planned giving and direct mail
  • Finding and cultivating major donors
  • Acknowledging and stewarding gifts
  • How to raise more money through monthly giving
  • And much, much more

The Get Fully Funded system is a printed binder – not an e-book – that you can keep on your shelf and refer to over and over again (or share with your team). It’s a big binder – with well over 300 pages of fundraising information.

A Solid Guide, but a Significant Investment

Get Fully Funded is not a cheap purchase – the system costs $297 (you do have the option of paying in 3 or 6 payments, instead of all up front). That being said, this is a very comprehensive book – because of the worksheets, templates, scripts, etc., I would suggest that you compare the price to that of a day-long fundraising seminar, instead of a book. Day-long seminars can easily cost $300-$500 per attendee, plus the cost of travel. Get Fully Funded costs lest than $300 and you can share it with your entire team…

Highly Recommended

I highly recommend Get Fully Funded: How to Raise the Money of Your Dreams to any non-profit fundraiser or leader who is looking for a comprehensive, in-depth guide to creating a successful fundraising program.

Click here for more information or to get your copy of Get Fully Funded today.



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