Fundraising Authority Podcast #21: How to Build Strong Donor Relationships Online

by The Fundraiising Authority

The Fundraising Authority Podcast

The donor cultivation funnel isn’t just for offline fundraising.  Non-profits can and should be building strong relationships with their donors online (including through e-mail, social media and on  their organization’s website).  Great online cultivation leads to more donors, bigger gifts, and better donor relationships.

In today’s podcast, online fundraising and marketing expert John Haydon teaches us how to supercharge our online cultivation efforts and gives plenty of examples of what’s working… right now… for non-profits around the world.  This episode is packed with useful, ready-to-implement information for your non-profit.  Get out your pen and paper, and get ready to take some notes!

You can get more great information from John on his website, or by connecting with him on Twitter @JohnHaydon

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