Fundraising Authority Podcast #26: Using Technology to Supercharge Your Non-Profit Fundraising

One of the biggest changes in non-profit fundraising over the past three decades is the advent of cheap, powerful technology to help organizations communicate with donors and raise money online.

Advances in non-profit technology have been a huge blessing for most organizations, but they have also been a curse, because many fundraisers can get overwhelmed by the sheer number of tools and data that are available to them.

In today’s podcast, we’re joined by Amy Sample Ward, the CEO of NTEN (The Non-Profit Technology Network). Amy is one of the non-profit technology world’s most influential voices, and during this episode she helps us cut through the clutter to learn how to bet use technology to supercharge our organizations.

To read more about non-profit technology or connect with Amy, visit or NTEN (The Non-Profit Technology Network). You can connect with Amy on Twitter @amyrsward.

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