Fundraising Authority Podcast #24: Tips and Tricks for Raising More Money through Non-Profit Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is one of the fastest growing segments of the non-profit fundraising world… as well it should be. It is a powerful way to raise more money and expand the reach of your non-profit organization.

Our guest on today’s podcast is Dana Ostomel, an expert in running successful crowdfunding campaigns. During our conversation, Dana provided some great strategies and tips for how any non-profit – including yours – can raise a significant amount through a strong crowdfunding campaign. Don’t miss this episode!

You can learn more about Dana and get more great crowdfunding tips on her site Deposit a Gift. Also, during the podcast, Dana mentioned that she’s offering Fundraising Authority Podcast listeners a free packet of materials and a free 20 minute crowdfunding coaching call. Click here to e-mail Dana and get your free goodies!

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