Review of 5 Days to Foundation Grants: The Secrets to Writing Funded Grant Proposals

For most non-profit organizations, the ability to write more grants… and to have more of their grant proposals funded… seems like an unattainable goal. Writing grants takes time… and writing fundable grants takes a lot of time, or so most development officers think.

This past week, I had the chance to read 5 Days to Foundation Grants: The Secrets to Writing Funded Grant Proposals, by fundraising consultant and author Pamela Grow. This book aims to take the guesswork out of writing great grant proposals, as well as to shorten the amount of time it takes to write good solid grants.

Great Tips for Writing Great Grants

Writing good grant proposals isn’t easy. As Pamela says in the book’s introduction:

“Grant proposal writing seems like one of the most difficult and elusive forms of writing ever to be undertaken. As the writer, your objective is to convince a grant-making foundation to donate money to your cause -without expecting anything directly in return.

Additionally, the grant proposal writer must convince the grantor why his or her nonprofit deserves the money more than the 50 other nonprofit organizations seeking the same funds.

What’s a grant writer to do?”

The book spends the next 75+ pages carefully guiding non-profits through each step of the grant writing program in easy to understand language.

A 5 Day Program for Grant Success

This book is centered around the proposition that a non-profit can go from start to finish in researching and writing a great grant proposal in five days or less. Pamela breaks down the steps to writing great grants into five single-day modules:

Day One: The Key to Funded Grant Proposals… Research!

Day Two: Let’s Get Organized… Establish Your Grant Drawer.

Day Three: Assemble Your Testimonials

Day Four: Discover Your Organization’s USP

Day Five: Begin Writing!

In addition, Pamela gives great tips on how to write online proposals, the reasons why grant proposals get rejected, and how to follow up with foundations after you submit your grant proposal.

The steps in this book are easy to follow, and lay out a complete guide to researching and writing your grant proposal. If this is your first “real” grant proposal, use this book as a step-by-step guide. If you are an accomplished grant writer, you will find great advice, tips, and resources for improving your grant-writing capabilities.

Who is Pamela Grow?

Many of our regular readers will recognize Pamela’s blog as one of the fundraising resources we have recommended previously on The Fundraising Authority. For those of you who aren’t as familiar with her, Pamela is a highly respected non-profit fundraising and marketing consultant and author. She is the creator of the highly acclaimed “simple development systems” and an expert at helping one-person fundraising shops grow and prosper. Simply put, I know and trust Pamela Grow, and know that this is the best resource on the market for writing great grants.

Highly Recommended Resource

I highly recommend 5 Days to Foundation Grants: The Secrets to Writing Funded Grant Proposals to any non-profit that is looking to boost their grant fundraising program. If you need to raise money through grants… and are looking for help writing your first grant (or tips for making your 100th grant proposal more successful), check out this book. You’ll be glad you did.

Click here to get your copy today.


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