3 Thought Provoking Non-Profit Resources

Over the past couple of years, I have spend a good deal of time trying to get non-profits to think big about fundraising. In my view, far too many organizations are wimping out and failing to make as much of an impact as they otherwise could because of faulty notions about development. This includes everything from underpaying development staff to forgetting that without fundraising, there is no mission-related work… none at all.

Today, I want to connect you with three great resources… both individuals and organizations… who are speaking up about the problems modern non-profits face, and challenging organizations around the world to do more good, have more impact, and be bolder in their fundraising efforts. Check them out, and see how their messages and ideas apply at your organization:

Dan Pallotta: The Way We Think about Charity is Dead Wrong

Fundraising leader Dan Pallotta certainly stirred the pot with this presentation from TED. In this video, Dan talks about how small thinking and a misguided emphasis on frugality are not only hurting non-profits, but also having a negative impact on the world itself.

Be Fearless: Presented by the Case Foundation

The Case Foundation has created the Be Fearless campaign to encourage non-profits to be bolder and more entrepreneurial in their efforts and outlook. This site offers videos and other motivational resources to help your organization have a different and bigger mindset about philanthropy and the work you do.

Think Big or Die: Passionate Giving

This blog post by Jeff Schriefels highlights one of the biggest problems for small and mid-sized non-profits… unless you’re a mega-organization, you either need to grow, or your organization will die. Check out the article for Jeff’s powerful thoughts on thinking big in fundraising and development.

I encourage you to check out all three of these resources, and let me know what you think!

Photo Credit: Yoshi Huang