Free Thank You Note Generator

Free Thank You Generator

How we say "thank you" matters

Thanking donors and supporters is to essential any fundraising program. But, not all “thank you”s are equal. A well crafted “thank you” can add meaning to a donor’s life and deepen their connection with your organization.

Most thank you letters describe the gift, the gift’s fund, and the organization’s mission and some nice words from the signer. Thank you letters connect best, when we the supporter not only understands your mission and the problem your work addresses, but demonstrate a direct connection between their support and improving the future for lives that matter to them.

The easiest way to do this is to incorporate the personal stories of those you helps and/or the people doing the work at your organization. You can use Fundwriter to write more story-centered appeals and thank you letters by signing up for a free trial here.

About the Impact Focused Thank You

This tool will help you write a thank you letter that is focused on impact. Thank you notes that focus on what a supporter did for you or your organization aren’t likely to create a meaningful connection with your supporters. However, when you connect someone’s act (e.g., donating money), to the your mission and outcomes you both care about, you have a much more meaningful message.

Writing with A.I.

This tool uses artificial intelligence (A.I) to generate unique drafts based on the details that you provide.

Writing with A.I. can be a huge time saver. It can also take a few tries to start getting great drafts. This free tool is limited to only three tries (5 drafts per try).

I encourage you to sign up for Fundwriter’s free trial where the limit will be far more generous and you will have access to many more writing models.