Sasha Dichter’s Manifesto for Non-Profit CEOs

Sasha Dichter has written an amazing manifesto for non-profit CEOs on why it is important, necessary, and honorable to be engaged in fundraising. This short, five page PDF echoes many of the sentiments in our own article Fundraising Isn’t Evil.

I highly recommend this manifesto for anyone who…

  • is afraid to ask for money
  • thinks fundraising is slimy or dirty or beneath them
  • is sure that the real work of a non-profit is on the program side, that fundraising is just a necessary evil
  • works for someone who thinks that fundraising is dirty, unnecessary, or is afraid to ask for money.

You can download the free 5 page PDF at the link below (you don’t even need to enter an e-mail address). Check it out!

In Defense of Raising Money: a Manifesto for Non-Profit CEOs

And be sure to check out Sasha’s blog.