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Be sure to check out the following new articles by Joe Garecht, founder of The Fundraising Authority, on non-profit fundraising blogs across the web:

How to Get Your Donors More Engaged

Posted on A Small Change Fundraising Blog.  Every development professional I know spends a lot of time thinking about how they can get their current donors more engaged with their fundraising efforts. We ask questions like, “How can I get our donors to get involved on an event committee?” And, “How can we get Mr. Smith to introduce us to his colleagues in the legal profession?”  [Read More]

How to Make More Money at Your Next Sports Team Fundraiser

Posted on FastTrack Fundraising.  Fundraising for sports teams can be difficult… parents and other supporters are inundated with other fundraising efforts, from raising money for schools, churches and synagogues to competition from other sports programs, clubs, and activities that the children are involved with.  The key to increasing your sports program’s fundraising revenue is breaking through the clutter, and making a compelling case to your target audience.  [Read More]

Raise More Money with Mission-Centered Fundraising

Posted on Step-by-Step Fundraising.  Your organization’s mission matters.  You know that.  Your staff knows that.  Your donors know that.  So… are you acting like your mission matters?  Do your fundraising activities reflect that knowledge?  Most organizations start-off with their mission front and center in their fundraising activities and appeals… but over time, too many non-profits turn to asking their board to strong-arm their colleagues, or to asking volunteers to move hundreds of candy-bars or calendars.  [Read More]


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The Top 8 Ways to Increase Your Prospect List(2)

The Top 8 Ways to Increase Your Prospect List

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Like great sales organizations, great development operations need a constant stream of prospects… individuals, companies, and foundations that are, or are likely to be, interested...
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