Great Fundraising Resources on the Web

One of the reasons I started The Fundraising Authority was because I knew that there was a real dearth of good, solid fundraising information available online, particularly for small and medium sized non-profits.  That being said, there are some good fundraising resources available on the web.  Today, we present four you may want to check out:

Michigan State University Fundraising Web Resources

This site presents a very large list of fundraising articles, tips, tricks, guides, and more… definitely a great resource that you don’t want to miss.

Non-Profit Grant Writing Guides

Free site offers a fantastic primer on how to write successful grants.

Association of Fundraising Professionals

The AFP is the leading organization of development and fundraising pros in the United States, and offers a full range of seminars, workshops, and resources to philanthropy professionals.

The Fundraising Authority Newsletter

You didn’t think I’d forget our own newsletter, did you?  I believe that The Fundraising Authority Newsletter is the web’s single best source of articles and tools on fundraising, delivered to your inbox every week, and completely free.


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The Top 8 Ways to Increase Your Prospect List(2)

The Top 8 Ways to Increase Your Prospect List

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Like great sales organizations, great development operations need a constant stream of prospects… individuals, companies, and foundations that are, or are likely to be, interested...
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