Review of Ask Without Fear! by Marc A. Pitman

Are you afraid of asking people for money? Does picking up the phone to call a donor to ask for a gift for your non-profit give you the shakes? If so, I’ve got the book for you…

I recently had the chance to read Ask Without Fear! by fundraising author and coach Marc A. Pitman, and I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to get better at asking for money, as well as all those who want to take the fear out of fundraising.

In this book, Mark presents a complete strategy for making asks, based on his patented “Get R.E.A.L.” formula: Research, Engage, Act, Love. In clear and concise language, the book explains these four steps and how to implement them in your own non-profit. The book is filled with practical examples and tips from the fundraising trenches, and is written to help everyone from beginners who are just starting in fundraising to seasoned pros looking to brush up on their “ask” skills. It is packed with real strategies for getting over your fear and making an ask… without being cheesy or “salesy” or turning off donors / prospects.

Ask Without Fear! is a concise book, just 98 pages, that you can finish in a day or two… but it’s definitely worth it. It is available in either paperback or as an immediately downloadable e-book. Since integrating Marc’s strategy into my own approach, my fundraising asks have definitely improved, with fantastic results.

About the Author

Marc A. Pitman, also known as “The Fundraising Coach,” is a well-known non-profit fundraising consultant, author, and speaker. He has trained countless fundraisers on how to raise more money for their organizations, and what’s more, he’s someone I trust in the fundraising industry. His advice is on-point and to the point.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is tasked with asking for money on a regular basis. Click here for more information or to get a copy of Ask Without Fear! today.


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