4 Fundraising Blogs You Should be Reading

There’s a lot of good information out there for non-profit fundraisers, but sometimes it can be hard to find the best sources of knowledge, particularly when those sources are blogs without the ability to pay for advertising to attract attention. That being said, in many cases the best fundraising strategy advice is being written by bloggers off the beaten path.

Today, I want to point you in the direction of 4 fantastic bloggers who are writing great content about how to raise more money at your non-profit. Check out these four blogs and consider adding them to your weekly reading repertoire:

Clairification by Claire Axelrad

Claire Axelrad is an expert at donor-centered fundraising, and specializes in how to tweak underutilized tools like donor thank yous to build better relationships and raise more money. As Claire put it, it’s all about “philanthropy, not fundraising.”

Karen Zapp’s Non-Profit Blog

Karen’s specialty is teaching you how to write for donors. Whether you’re writing a donor newsletter, a fundraising letter, social media posts or ads for your organization, Karen will show you how to design better packages and write better creative to make your work more appealing to prospects and donors.

Social Media Bird Brain by Robyn McIntyre

Despite the silly name, Robyn’s blog will show you how to be more effective with your small non-profit’s online and social media efforts. Includes lots of interesting and amusing posts, like What Your Small Non-Profit Can Learn from the Sharknado Twitter Storm.

Getting Attention! by Nancy Schwartz

Nancy’s blog will teach your non-profit how to break through the clutter to communicate better and get more attention from donors, volunteers, and the public. Be sure to check out her great case studies and her weekly non-profit job openings report.

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Photo Credit: zoetnet