Mobile Giving: What It Is and How to Use It

Our friend Jason Dick, over at A Small Change Fundraising Blog, ran an excellent series last week on mobile giving. We’ve all seen those ads that ask us to use our cell phones to text a message to a certain number in order to donate money to a charitable cause. How does this type of fundraising work? Who are the major players, and what is the pricing structure? What are the best practices?

The following posts on Jason’s blog answer these questions, and more, and provide an opportunity to bring your opinions and questions into the mix. If you’re interested in mobile giving, check out the following posts on A Small Change Fundraising Blog:

How Does Mobile Giving Work? A primer on cell-phone based fundraising.

Text to Give Pricing and Costs – Who are the major players, and what are their pricing structures?

Mobile Giving Research and Opinion – What are mobile giving best practices, and how are you using text message giving at your non-profit?

In the aftermath of recent major disasters like the Tsunami and the earthquake in Haiti, mobile giving is on the rise and is a major topic in modern charitable giving. Check out these posts to see if mobile giving is right for your organization.