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Are you looking for a great way to expand your organization’s reach, raise more money from a greater number of people, and do it without spending lots of time and money in the process?

Do you want to harness the power of the internet, e-mail, and social networks to dramatically increase your fundraising revenue?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then I invite you to join me for six weeks to learn how… through The Fundraising Authority’s new class: Mastering Online Fundraising.

Stop guessing what works and what doesn’t, agonizing over how many fundraising e-mails to send out, worrying about what social networks you should be on, and trying to figure out how to raise more money.  Learn how your non-profit can maximize its online fundraising, starting today.

Who is This Class For?

Mastering Online Fundraising is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to raise more money online for a non-profit organization, school, church, or other charity.  This includes founders, executive directors, development directors, fundraising staff, board members, and volunteers.

This class is designed both for those new to online fundraising, as well as seasoned development professionals who want to supercharge their online fundraising efforts.  For each class topic, we will include both basic and advanced materials… that will allow any organization to maximize revenue raised through online activities.

What’s in the Class?

The Mastering Online Fundraising class will run from Monday, May 27th through Wednesday, July 3rd.  The class runs online, and all materials will be delivered electronically.

Every Monday, you will receive (by e-mail):

A comprehensive written guide to that week’s topic that you can read on your computer, smartphone, tablet or e-reader, or print out to read at your convenience.  Each guide contains both a 3-5 page Basics Guide that will walk you through the fundamentals of each topic, as well as a 5-8 page Advanced Guide that presents everything you need to know to massively grow your fundraising revenue through that week’s selected strategies and tactics.

A podcast seminar that you can listen to on your computer, smartphone, iPod or in your car.  This MP3 will contain a 15-20 minute seminar presenting additional tips, tricks, and tactics on the topic for the week.

Don’t worry if you’re not technologically savvy… we’ll include information on how to download and read/listen to the course materials for all class participants.

The Class Modules: Mastering Online Fundraising

Here are the weekly course modules you’ll be receiving:

Week #1:  Understanding Online Fundraising

Basics Guide:  The Fundamentals of Online Fundraising
Advanced Guide:  How to Maximize Your Online Fundraising Strategy
Podcast:  How to Communicate Your Vision and Mission Online

Week #2:  Raising Money through Your Website

Basics Guide:  Setting Up Your Website to Raise Money Effectively
Advanced Guide:  The Complete Guide to Raising More Money through Your Website
Podcast:  5 Advanced Tactics for Raising More Money on Your Non-Profit’s Website

Week #3:  Raising Money through E-Mail

Basics Guide:  How to Find New E-Mail Prospects and Raise Money From Your E-Mail List
Advanced Guide:  The Complete Guide to Raising More Money through E-Mail
Podcast:  Copywriting Techniques for Amazing E-Mail Fundraising Results

Week #4:  Raising Money through Social Networks

Basics Guide:  How to Use Social Networks for Fundraising
Advanced Guide:  The Complete Guide To Maximizing Your Social Network Fundraising
Podcast:  4 Advanced Tips for Raising Your Non-Profit’s Online Profile through Social Networking

Week #5:  Raising Money through Online Crowd-Funding

Basics Guide:  What is Crowd-Funding, and How Does it Work?
Advanced Guide:  The Complete Guide to Running Successful Crowd-Funding Campaigns
Podcast:  Case-Studies of Successful Crowd-Funding Campaigns

Week #6:  Integrating Online Fundraising with Your Other Fundraising Strategies

Basics Guide:  Where Does Online Fundraising Fit In?
Advanced Guide:  How to Boost Your Offline Activities Through Online Fundraising
Podcast:  Developing a Successful Online Communications Calendar

Learn When and Where You Want

One of the best things about the Mastering Online Fundraising Class is that you get to read the guides and listen to the podcasts from the comfort of your own home, office, or car.  Instead of having to take a couple of days off to go to a multi-day seminar, you can learn everything you need to know about online fundraising, right where you are.

And – you have lifetime access to the class materials!  So even if you can’t go through all of the class materials right now, you can read and listen at your leisure.  There are no tests or quizzes, only solid information that you can review whenever you are ready, with lifetime access to our course pages.

Learn from the Best in the Business

 The Mastering Online Fundraising course is being presented by Joe Garecht.

Joe is the founder of The Fundraising Authority, and has spent the past 20 years helping organizations raise more money… he has personally raised tens of millions of dollars to support causes worldwide, including running numerous successful online fundraising campaigns.  Now, he wants to help your non-profit raise more money online.


I found Mastering Online Fundraising to be very useful and full of ideas and facts that make sense.

-John Mathisen
Headwaters Science Center

Have Your Whole Team Participate!

If you have a team of people working with your non-profit and you would like them all to participate in the Mastering Online Fundraising class, there is no extra charge for additional team members.  If you want your entire development team or board of directors to have access to the class, all you need is one class registration, and we will send the electronic class materials to as many members of your team as you would like.

Direct Access to Joe

During this workshop, each participant will have direct access to presenter Joe Garecht.   Send him your questions about what you are learning and how it applies to your own non-profit and he will respond with customized advice and counsel.

Your Investment in Raising More Money Online for Your Non-Profit

A full-day seminar on online fundraising strategies can cost anywhere from $300-$500 (not including travel expenses), and yet not offer anywhere near the amount or quality of materials that are included with this class…

When you register today, you can participate in the entire class, including all 10 weeks of the written guides and podcasts, plus all of the bonus items, for an investment of just $77.


During the class, I was able to take each week’s lesson and apply it to our existing online presence in order to turn our followers into donors.

-Sara Jozwik
Perkasie Dog Owners Group, Inc.

Includes Two Free Bonuses

As a special bonus for participating in the class, everyone who registers will receive two additional resources to help them boost their online fundraising:

Bonus #1 – How to Make Your Online Fundraising Efforts Go Viral (Written Guide)

Viral campaigns are the holy grail of online fundraising activities – and in this written guide, Joe Garecht will show you exactly how he has successfully launched multiple viral fundraising campaigns, and how your non-profit can too.

Bonus #2 – Successful Strategies for Building an Online Brand for Your Non-Profit (Podcast)

During this podcast, Joe Garecht will explain three different strategies non-profits can use to build a strong brand for their organization online through their website and social media.

Our Guarantee to You   No Questions Asked 100% Guarantee

We know that Mastering Online Fundraising is the single best course available on how to raise money for your non-profit online.  Not only will you be satisfied with the course, you will be raving about it to your colleagues and friends at other organizations.

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the course, you can stop taking the class at any time and receive a full, 100%, no questions asked refund.  That’s our guarantee to you.  You will love this class, and it will make a huge difference for your non-profit organization.

Have any questions?  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Registration Closes this Friday, May 24th at 7 PM

Because this class begins on Monday, May 27th, we will need to close registration Friday, May 24th at 7 PM.  Once registration closes, we will not be able to accept any new participants, and instead will be focused on working with class members. Be sure to sign-up now to gain access to the class.

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