Most nonprofits hold at least one fundraising event each year – does yours? Do you feel like your events are far too much work, with far too little revenue? So many organizations are stuck holding events that take up valuable time and resources yet never reach their true potential.

If you are currently holding nonprofit events and want to double or triple the amount you are raising… or you want to launch a new event at your organization and supercharge the fundraising without all the hassle, then I invite you to join us for our newly updated class:

How to Maximize Your Nonprofit Fundraising Events

This 8-week course will walk you through both basic strategies and advanced tactics for supercharging your nonprofit fundraising events. You’ll learn how to raise more money while spending less time and energy planning each affair. We’ll work together to make sure your next event is an outstanding success.

Virtual, In-Person, and Hybrid Events

We have doubled the content in this course, so you can succeed at any type of event. You will have access to successful strategies, templates, checklists for any event. We also provide technical overviews for putting on online and streaming events, as well as recommend digital partners who we trust.

Who is This Class For?

How to Maximize Your Nonprofit Fundraising Events is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to raise more money through events. No matter how small or large your organization is, your nonprofit can and should be holding amazingly profitable events. Let us show you how.

This class is designed for both those new to running events and seasoned event fundraisers. We’ll focus on fundraising strategies that will allow you to raise more money from your events, whether you are launching a new event or looking to tweak an event you are already holding. Our focus will be pure and simple: how you can profit more from your events, with less frustration and stress.

What’s in the Class?

How to Maximize Your Nonprofit Fundraising Events is designed to run as an 8-week course, but you have access to all the content right away. The class runs completely online, and all materials are provided through your Fundraising Authority account page.

Every week’s module includes the following class materials:

A comprehensive written guide to that week’s topic that you can read on your computer, smartphone, tablet or e-reader, or print out to read at your convenience. Each guide contains 8-10 pages and presents everything you need to know to massively grow your event fundraising through that week’s selected strategies and tactics.

A podcast seminar that you can listen to on your computer, smartphone, iPod or other devices. These recordings will contain a 10-20 minute seminar presenting additional tips, tricks and tactics on the topic for the week.

Don’t worry – we’ll include information on how to download and read/listen to the course materials, and provide technical support to make sure you can access all the guides and podcasts.

The Class Modules: How to Maximize Your Nonprofit Fundraising Events

Here are the weekly course modules you’ll be unlocking:

Week #1: Understanding Successful Fundraising Events

  • Guide: The Fundamentals of Successful Fundraising Events
  • Podcast: Advanced Strategies to Double Your Event Revenue

Week #2: How to Supercharge Your Host Committee

  • Guide: The Complete Guide to Supercharging Your Host Committee
  • Podcast: 8 Ways to Motivate Host Committee Members to Raise More Money

Week #3: Maximizing Event Sponsorships

  • Guide: How to Find, Cultivate and Sell Sponsorships for Your Event
  • Podcast: Year-Round Ways to Cultivate Event Sponsors

Week #4: Maximizing Ticket Sales and Event Attendance

  • Guide: The Complete Guide to Filling the Room
  • Podcast: How to Get Your Supporters to Sell Your Tickets for You

Week #5: Event Logistics that Work

  • Guide: How to Set Up Events to Minimize Cost and Maximize Revenue
  • Podcast: Designing an Event Flow that Guarantees More Revenue

Week #6: Maximizing Your Collateral Materials

  • Guide: The Complete Guide to Supercharging Your Invitations, Web Pages and Other Event Collateral Materials
  • Podcast: 5 Strategies for Using the Internet to Supercharge Your Fundraising Event

Week #7: Adding Other Revenue Streams to Your Event

  • Guide: How to Raise More Money by Adding Auctions, Raffles, and Other Revenue Streams to Your Event
  • Podcast: Crazy Fundraising Event Add-Ons that Actually Work

Learn When and Where You Want

One of the best things about this class is that you can read the guides and listen to the podcasts from the comfort of your own home, office, or car. Instead of having to take a day off to go to a seminar or offsite workshop, you can learn everything you need to know about event fundraising, right where you are.

And – you have lifetime access to the class materials! So even if you can’t go through all the modules right now, you can read and listen to them when you are ready. There are no tests or quizzes, only solid information that you can review whenever you are ready, with lifetime access to the course pages.

Learn from the Best in the Business

How to Maximize Your Nonprofit Fundraising Events is taught by our fundraising experts who have each spent 20+ years helping organizations worldwide raise more money. As Development Directors, Executive Directors and fundraising consultants, we have helped thousands of nonprofits achieve a fundraising breakthrough. Now, we want to help your nonprofit raise more money through your events.

Have Your Whole Team Participate!

If you have a team of people working with your nonprofit, and you’d like them all to participate in this class, there is no extra charge for additional team members. You can have your entire development team, board of directors, or staff have access to the class, all for one course registration fee. We will create student accounts for as many members of your team as you would like, so they can access all the course materials independently.

Your Investment in Better and More Profitable Fundraising Events for Your Organization

A full-day seminar on fundraising event strategy can cost anywhere from $300-$500 (not including travel expenses), and yet not offer anywhere near the amount or quality of materials that are included with this class…

When you register today, you can participate in the entire class, including all the written guides and podcasts, plus two bonus items, for an investment of just $77.

Free Bonuses!

To help you raise as much money as possible from your organization’s fundraising events, everyone who participates in this course will receive the following free bonuses:

Bonus #1: Raising More Money through Golf Tournaments and Walk-a-Thons (Written Guide)

As a special bonus for participating in this class, all participants will receive a free bonus guide: Raising More Money through Golf Tournaments and Walk-a-Thons. This extensive module will delve into two of the most popular forms of fundraising events and offer key strategies for maximizing revenue from each.

Bonus #2: How to Turn Event Attendees into Lifelong Supporters (Podcast)

In addition, everyone who registers will also receive our exclusive podcast How to Turn Event Attendees into Lifelong Supporters. During this 30 minute podcast, we will teach you how to turn one-time event attendees (including guests of your donors and corporate supporters) into lifelong benefactors of your nonprofit.

Direct Access

During this class, each participant will have direct access to Fundraising Authority experts. Send us your questions about what you are learning and how it applies to your own fundraising events, and we will respond with customized advice and counsel.

Our Guarantee to You

We know that How to Maximize Your Nonprofit Fundraising Events is the single best course available on how to raise more money through events. Not only will you be satisfied with this course, you will be raving about it to your colleagues and friends at other organizations.

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the course, you can stop taking the class at any time and receive a full, 100%, no questions asked refund. That’s our guarantee to you. You will love this class, and it will make a huge difference for your nonprofit organization.

Sign Up and Start Raising More from Your Events Today!

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