15 March

How Many Prospects Do You Need?

One of the questions I am most often asked by frontline fundraisers is, “How many prospects do I need to ask in order to receive a major gift?” Most of …

08 February

How to Hold a Non-Ask Event

When you hear the term “fundraising event,” what images does it conjure up? If you’re anything like me, you think about sponsorship levels, solicitation calls, event fundraising goals, and revenue …

26 January

More Fundraising Information

Here are a couple of great fundraising articles that have come online across the web over the past month or so. Be sure to check them out: What Does it …

15 January

The 5 Steps of Donor Engagement

Successful non-profit organizations need to build deep and sustainable relationships with their prospects. Doing so requires a system — fundraisers that meet new donors and make asks without a plan …

10 January

What Motivates Endowment Donors to Give?

For medium sized non-profits, building an endowment, however small, can mean the difference between sustainability and an early demise. Endowment funds are particularly important when lean economic times hit, as …

04 January

Top 5 Articles of 2010

It’s that time again: time to look back and see which articles on The Fundraising Authority were the most popular, based on visits by our readers. Thanks to you… our …

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