26 January

More Fundraising Information

Here are a couple of great fundraising articles that have come online across the web over the past month or so. Be sure to check them out: What Does it …

15 January

The 5 Steps of Donor Engagement

Successful non-profit organizations need to build deep and sustainable relationships with their prospects. Doing so requires a system — fundraisers that meet new donors and make asks without a plan …

10 January

What Motivates Endowment Donors to Give?

For medium sized non-profits, building an endowment, however small, can mean the difference between sustainability and an early demise. Endowment funds are particularly important when lean economic times hit, as …

04 January

Top 5 Articles of 2010

It’s that time again: time to look back and see which articles on The Fundraising Authority were the most popular, based on visits by our readers. Thanks to you… our …

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