30 November

5 Best Quick Fundraising Methods

Quick fundraising usually isn’t good fundraising. Most of the time, non-profits are well advised to spend time getting to know their prospects and donors, cultivating them, and executing a well-written …

25 November

5 Unique Fundraising Ideas

Sometimes, fundraising is boring. Monotonous. A drudgery. That’s bad for professional fundraisers (who wants to be bored at work?), it’s bad for volunteers (they’ll move on to another, more exciting …

Fundraising E-mail Do’s and Don’ts
23 November

Fundraising E-mail Do’s and Don’ts

While online fundraising is a necessity for non-profit organizations of all sizes, many groups that have enthusiastically embraced social media to build awareness and community are wary of raising money through e-mail. …

18 November

Great Fundraising Resources on the Web

One of the reasons I started The Fundraising Authority was because I knew that there was a real dearth of good, solid fundraising information available online, particularly for small and …

18 November

Fundraising for Small Non-Profits

The vast majority of charitable organizations in the world are relatively small. They fly under the radar screen, without the news stories and sizeable bequests generated by the flashier national …

17 November

Fundraising How To Questions Answered

I get lots of “fundraising how to” questions… many people, even those who are full time development professionals, find some fundraising strategies confusing and difficult to implement. Below are two …

Demystifying Grants
11 November

Demystifying Grants

Next to making personal fundraising asks, grant-writing is probably the tactic that scares new fundraisers the most. Grants seem mysterious and technical, and it often seems as if it takes …

04 November

Effective Fundraising by Mail

To many organizations, fundraising through the mail seems like the end-all, be-all tactic. It’s a way to raise money without having to ask in person (or over the phone), it …

04 November

Building Fundraising Networks

While most non-profits, schools, and churches utilize some form a fundraising network, few know that they do, and even fewer know how to deliberately build a fundraising network from scratch. …

04 November

What is a Fundraising Ask?

O.k.… I know this is the scary part for many people. Making fundraising asks is like speaking on stage. It feels unnatural, awkward, and a little bit scary. But with …

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